Origami Printing

Download SVG


This is the origami printing web tool used to create 3D models from origami pattern images.
Follow these steps to make a 3D file.

  1. Image Tab
    • Dark regions of image will be the final 3D model. White colors will be ignored.
    • Given a fold pattern similar to the default image, try the following steps:
    • "Greyscale" -> "Invert" -> Increase brightness to whiten colored fold lines -> Increase contrast to distinguish black and white regions
    • Click "To SVG" to generate tracing of image to prep for 3D model generation
  2. SVG Tab
    • Increasing the "White Stroke" will increase the space for folding
    • Increasing the "Black Stroke" will cause the opposite of the above to happen
    • Click "To 3D" to generate the 3D model
  3. 3D Tab
    • A 3D viewer will appear to show the resulting 3D model. You can left-click and drag to rotate the model
    • By default the 3D model will have a thickness of 1 mm. I recommend changing this to 0.15 mm for printing
    • A thin 3D model isn't interesting to view, so download the model with "Download as STL" and start printing!
The full story behind this project is on my website.
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